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Family-Focused, Jesus centered Nonprofit Organization for Day Care Programs


Coptic Orthodox Diocese of 
the Southern United States

Discover Children of light academy

Welcome to Children of Light Academy: Where Learning and Love Converge


Empowering Young Minds Through Nurturing Education

🌟 Early Learning Coalition's High-Class Provider 🌟 Rooted in Love for Learning 🌟 Guided by christian Faith, Centered on Jesus 🌟 Family-Focused Nonprofit Day Care Programs 🌟 Find Us in New Port Richey!

Kid Painting

Illuminate Your Child's Path

Our home is your child's canvas of discovery, exploration, and creativity. From language and literacy to social skills and self-expression, Children of Light Academy introduces young learners to a world of diverse experiences that build character and knowledge.

Our Story, Our Commitment

At Children of Light Academy, every child's journey is a story we cherish. With a commitment to providing a nurturing, secure, and stimulating environment, we equip each student with the tools they need for a future marked by happiness and success. Our programs blend educational theories with hands-on, experiential learning, tailored to your child's individual needs.

Toddler Playing Drums

Igniting Curiosity, Cultivating Character

Our Mission Statement: We believe in kindling the flame of curiosity, fostering character, and empowering young hearts and minds to flourish. Through innovative teaching methods and personalized attention, we pave the way for each child to develop a strong foundation upon which their future successes will be built.

Join Our Journey

Discover the radiant world of Children of Light Academy in New Port Richey. Let us be your partner in nurturing a love for learning, faith, and growth. Reach out today to illuminate your child's path towards a brighter, empowered tomorrow.


Contact Us Now to Begin Your Child's Journey of Light!

Address: 6140 Perrine Ranch Rd, New Port Richey,

FL 34655, USA


Phone Number: (727) 940-5361

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