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Hours and Days of Operation

Children of Light Academy is open Monday through Friday from 6:30 A.M. to 6:30 P.M.

 >>We will not have care for children registered as VPK hours ONLY on Thanksgiving break, Christmas break and Spring Break.



The Children of Light Academy Closing Information

At Children of Light Academy, the safety and well-being of our students are paramount. Our approach to inclement weather and emergency situations is rooted in clear protocols designed to ensure the security of our children and staff. Here's what you need to know:

Inclement Weather:

Children of Light Academy will remain open in most cases, even during inclement weather. However, closure will only occur if a weather emergency is officially declared, and individuals in the New Port Richey and surrounding areas are advised not to travel. In such instances, local television stations will be promptly informed of the Academy's closure status. Parents are encouraged to stay tuned to these updates, with information listed under "Children of Light Academy."

General Emergencies:

In the event of a general emergency that poses a threat to children's safety, such as environmental hazards, violence concerns, natural disasters (fire, tornado, flood, etc.), or infrastructure issues (loss of power, heat, water), the same process will be followed. The Academy's status will be communicated to local television stations for public awareness. Parents must listen for this information.

Additionally, the Child Care Committee holds the right to close the Academy due to significant illness or if low attendance projections would lead to operational costs that are prohibitive.

Closure Procedures:

If the Academy must close due to inclement weather or a general emergency during regular hours, parents will be promptly notified and expected to pick up their children within one hour. During the closure, regular tuition charges will still apply.

In situations where school programs are delayed or canceled, Children of Light Academy will remain open as per its normal schedule unless a weather or general emergency is officially declared.

We remain committed to the safety and security of your children. Our policies are designed to ensure that you are informed promptly and adequately in any situation that might impact our operations. Thank you for your trust in Children of Light Academy.

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