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Preschool Program

Tailored for children aged three years, our preschool program is a gateway to the wonders of the world. Our exclusive curriculum has been meticulously crafted to inspire exploration and celebrate the diverse ways in which young minds thrive. At Children of Light Academy, we understand that each child's journey is distinct, and our program honors their individuality.

A cornerstone of our curriculum is a strong emphasis on language and pre-reading skills. Guided by this philosophy, our lessons delve into rich literary content, encompassing book authors, illustration appreciation, left-to-right reading techniques, phonics, and precise pronunciation. Beyond this, our dedicated teachers also nurture other crucial readiness skills that lay a solid foundation for future learning.


At Children of Light Academy, we see preschool not just as a phase of education, but as a pivotal moment where curiosity is celebrated, and the seeds of a lifelong love for learning are sown. Join us in this exhilarating adventure, where your child's potential is nurtured, their imagination ignited, and their future shaped through a curriculum designed with care and expertise.

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