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VPK Enrollment

How to Apply For VPK If You Live In Pasco/ Pinellas County

Steps for Online Registration

  1. Establish a login and account for your child.

  2. View the Parent Handbook for information on the VPK program.

  3. View our VPK Application Guide for Step by Step instructions on how to register

  4. Complete application information about yourself and your child.

  5. Upload and submit the required documents electronically including a photo id, proof of Florida residency and proof of your child’s age.
    Note: these documents must be uploaded as separate documents. Do not group all items into one file.

  6. Once the application is reviewed, you will receive an email notification within 10 business days of submission
    NOTE: You may want to check your spam filters to ensure the email was received.

  7. After your VPK application is approved, you will need to log back into your account. It will contain a link in which you can retrieve and print your certificate. The Certificate of Eligibility is your “ticket” to the VPK program of your choice.

  8. Submit the Certificate of Eligibility to your VPK provider during enrollment.

Go to

Click on apply for voluntarily prekindergarten.

VPK Enrollment

Click on If you are new user click here to register for an account.


Create an account: username must be your valid email address.

You will receive an email asking you to verify your email address.

Click on activate my account.

VPK Enrollment

Login and click on Create a new VPK application.

VPK Enrollment

You need to fill out all the required information.

Make sure that you pick the 540 hours program which is the school year not the summer VPK

You will be asked to submit documents like birth certificate and immunization record, etc.

After finishing click Submit.

You can print your application.

Please print your voucher and bring it to us upon approval SO WE CAN SAVE YOUR SPOT.

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